I moved to Prague 3 years ago. And the person I used to know to be myself , stopped being with me. That still yet to be defined identity, decided to stay home…

I used to think that I am capable to adapt as any other human being can. but to my surprise, as I thought i am very flexible and curious person, I figured,we cannot adapt to things we find contradicting to our soul, to our belief and to who we are in our true version.

In January 2018, I came to visit Prague for tourism, and I was fascinated with the old soul it had, and I remember saying, I wish I can work here.. you know what they say, “be careful what you wish for”! That exact same year,I got a job opportunity and I moved to Prague in November.

The Slovak part of me, thought that the move would be easy as I speak the language. When I came here, the preparations for Christmas were incredible. The city is full of shimmering lights and wonderful spirit. People are out in the coldest of cold, which is not a luxury we got to have back home, as our winters are very rainy and Lebanon is not prepared for this kind of weather, schools close if its slightly colder than usual, roads are drowning in rain water, and well, this causes lots of traffic. Your life becomes more of sitting at home and visiting family members, and hey, some indoor restaurant outings from time to time.

Long story short, we just prefer to hibernate during the winter the whole 2 or 3 months until the rain calms down in March when the sun appears and early signs of spring begin.

Prague was different, it can snow and you get to ‘not be stuck at home’. You just need warmer clothes and voila!

Naturally, the first month here felt like vacation. The Christmas markets and colors just bring warmth to your heart even in the coldest of weather.

Then January happened,it was the longest month of all time for me here. The shades of gray, are not something we are used to even during winter.Lebanese winters eventhough tough, windy, rainy, and gloomy, sitll have abundant rays of sun that are enough to lift your mood.

Driving through the streets of Beirut in January, you will have days that you just see the colors more vivid and blue shades of the Mediterranean getting darker.

If you are wondering what lebanese kids are taughts in school, 101 Geography lessons always had this one phrase we used to laugh at as kids (ask any Lebanese, they should be able to recall it ) : “Lebanon is know for its unique moderate climate and is characterized with having 4 seasons”. I regret every laugh I had on this sentence 😂.

With that, the first lesson I learned about moving outside of Lebanon, was that weather,defines how you feel, and indeed, Lebanese climate was one hell of special intense moderate piece of emotion!

Leaving you with the last picture taken from home in November 2018, and the first taken in Prague few days after arrival.

To be continued…

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