In my previous post, I was mentioning how the first try outside the nest was like.

My inner conversation was like this : hey!! I thought travelling was all about exploring new place and enjoying the adventure…. what is this now you’re saying??I even miss the sun back home? Wait a minute? Are you serious? You miss the sun?

First Attempt Outside the nest? it failed.

If you are expecting a bird to fly like a pro at first time, well just dont 😀

It is however funny when you think of it this way. From my own experience, I have been putting so much pressure on myself, feeling that I “failed” in my adaptation in Prague even in the slightest of things, such as ‘weather’. But when I compare this to the bird attempt, it is normal to have a mental image of a bird , falling out of nest , then walking, then attempting to fly, this time maybe small distance then fall again and again until flying skill is well mastered.

I wonder why we humans like to put these high expectations that we are supposed to master things at once, and when we don’t we consider this as failure, and after that comes an endless loop of feeling of inadequacy, disappointment and eventually frustration. These things that lead us to have depression and low self esteem and confidence.

Have you ever wondered if a bird fails to fly first time, what would it be thinking?


Nothing is the answer, because its instinct is realizing that it was created to fly and it keeps on practicing without losing itself in the process which we as humans are much more fragile and lack this basic skill.

Ok, I failed in adapting. Even to the weather? Yes , even to the weather in Prague 🙂

But as the bird, I keep trying. And at one point, I will actually, if not enjoy, then make use of the gray skies and the cool weather..

I’ve been talking to my friends, almost everyday we share the same struggles here. The weather, the food, the change in even just scenery, affect your transition from place to place and by default your sense of security and well being, as what was once your habit and comfort zone for 20+ years, is gone to the wind and replaced by other unfamiliar alternatives which normally for you to adapt to at home, took you those 20+ years :)…

Yes, we are unfair to ourselves.

We tend to feel the failures of adaptation so much more intensly and vividly, instead of celebrating the courage it took to move. The mental and emotional strength you had when you decided to leave everything dear behind, everything that helped define who you are today, everyone that is your sense of safety and happiness, all behind, and go into the unknown..

Did you hear this now? Did you think well of it? What you did you brave soldier? Combats and wars have lots of sacrifice and look at you…

Sadly, our fragile nature, takes us to the thoughts of failure, that even a slightest thing as weather, was able to change how we feel, how we plan our day, what we decide to do with our time and thus the memories we decide to make, or in this case, not make…

And at the end of the day, one of the nice things I want to celebrate today with you all, known and unknown to me, is the fact that I, sacrificed the lovely weather I used to adore, and came to a place that left me feeling cold not only on the outside, but also on the inside, and this, was not a failure to adapt.

It was attempt number 1, out of the nest and yet many many more to come 🙂

Leaving you with a picture of a one time visitor at my window here in Prague:)

To be continued…

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