It sure happened to you many times that someone asked what do you want to eat, and you simply couldn’t decide!

How do we make decisions?

Its very easy when you are asked, do you like the beach or the mountain, the summer or the winter, purple or blue. We know what our emotions incline towards, and we understand our brain responses to things and people that make us feel good.

But what about those rational decisions.

For the past weeks I have been trying to get myself to decide certain things regarding my life, career, personal development and many things which I and every other human are always concerned about.

I notice that as I grow, decision making process becomes slower and harder.

I can even say that 3 years ago when I took the decision to move to prague, I didn’t even think about it and I just went for it.

How can you weigh things? Even when you make pros and cons list, there is this final decision where you need to choose one thing over the other. Career over happiness, mental well being over finance, safety over staying at home and so on.

Its like they always say, you can’t compare apples and oranges. Some decisions are not as simple, some have different criteria and then we are stuck weighing what is most important for me, what will do me good now, what will serve my future well being, and at that point, many contradictions arise.

Choices choices choices.

It’s simply unfair from life to keep asking us to choose between things that we love, things that we need, and things that all matter.

How do you choose when you get 2 good offers at 2 different companies yet equally reputable. How do you choose where to live between 2 houses, 2 countries and many other things.

What about, when you have a great career shift or promotion being offered at the other side of the world. Do you choose to go for it, giving up your family, friends and well being, in exchange of a “living”. At that point, what is a living can you say? Or do you choose to stay, being happy and content with what you already have in hand.

Would you choose, or would you let life choose things for you?

Leaving you a picture of just one clear road where there is no confusion what so ever.

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