As I get in touch with people, and see how they all differ. I can only see the beauty of the people around me, and how thankful I am and lucky to have people who love me, people who encourage me, who hold me when I’m down and pick me up after I fall. Those who witness life hurting you, and try to make it better. Those who witness others hurting you, and make sure you know how special you are.

We underestimate the value of our close support group, those who encourage us to be outside our comfort zone. Those who despite all the pain of change, are there to keep motivating us and reminding us that change is always painful yet we are brave to go through it.

I remember times in Prague, when I would feel I want to quit everything and go back home. To the problems I am used to, and to the joys that I know. It’s like talking to an ex even if they are toxic , but just because you want to spare the loneliness.

Those moments of change and transformation are usually full of pain and continuous wars, between what we are used to and what we aspire to have. And between those two worlds, our weaknesses arise, we go back to find ourselves again pushing forward, until we fully heal, fully transform, fully adapt, and get ready to move on to what we wish and deserve.

Transformations in relationships are usually tough, we know we are in the wrong place, we know its toxic, yet somehow we lack the power to step away. It is like being injured during a war, and realizing the threat yet not being able to move. Imagine how much anxiety and trauma this would cause, yet only to realize later, throughout our lives, we are horoes of survival, and heroes of transformation.

I can see many things happening around, all the things people are trying to get ready to face. We are not ready to face change, we are not ready for breakups, we are not ready for death, we are not ready for whatever that is coming next. Yet, we can never be ready, and it only takes a leap of faith to step forward, a bit of courage, and trust that no matter what comes we are strong enough, and we have enough love around us to help us through whatever things coming our way.

I can see myself, in the middle of all this world’s chaos, sitting aside, watching it, watching the hatred, watching the hypocrisy, watching mean people, and being away from all of it, in my own world, between people of my own kind, and thinking how grateful I am to have at least 10 people whose presence in life, makes it worth a while, and whose own nature, makes me believe there is some super extra strength that lets them be so kind and pure. In the middle of all of this, some chose not to change, and chose to save their goodness despite all toxicity and all surrounding evils. Those are the survivors of this troublesome life.

To the close friends who read this, thank you for being who you are, every single one of you, and for being strong enough to stay warm and kind. And for everyone else, I hope you are always strong to overcome change when its for the better , and to keep alive all the good things inside of you.

Leaving you with a picture taken during transformation times…

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