This time Im starting with a simple question.

What is Love.

Being traumatized or manipulated by someone, eventually causes lack of trust. And when we lose trust in our close circle, we lose trust in our own self as well. And that opens up a pandora box of endless doubt and suspicion.

What I learnt after several heart breaks and disappointments, when someone hurts you, its because they are just sometimes simply bad or not capable of healthy love.

Love is simple, love is clear, love is love,it builds and doesnt know how to destroy. Those other feelings people associate with love are just several types of sicknesses manifested in possessiveness and wanting to feed the ego.

Jealousy is always human, just it doesnt go more than it should, beyond a normal childish jealousy, that is lack of trust or further trying to control the other person as if they are an object. Sometimes, jealousy is indeed caused by an untrustworthy person, or someone who is asking for attention that is not being given to them, which could be a very fair reaction to receiving lack of love. Beyond that, it means someone is molding another person into what they think is their version of partner and that is not love.

Love is not selfish it is giving, love is not letting down it is being there all the time , love is not ego it is humbled, love does not reply defensively it listens with empathy and care. Love knows how to appoligize even when it does nothing wrong. But it sits there to care and heal not wound and destroy.

Love does not ask for money, houses, gold or land. Love only asks for love in return. Love changes and molds into the best version of ourselves and not the worst. It does not push our buttons, does not cause anxiety, frustration and does not push us away. Love brings together and mends what we on our own could never mend in a lifetime.

Whatever people say, apart from that, as love, is not love at all. It is the hypocrite version of ego, a beautified version of evil, and sugarcoated phrases to cover up negative emotions.

I’ll say, love is so simple. It is black and white, it is there with its peace and truth or is not..

To those people who are incapable of love, and who keep distorting it into toxicity, leaving behind martyrs of trust issues, frustration, hatred,and passiveness, to those we should simply say we see your truth. Your truth is not love. And we shall not allow you to distort the only truth known clearly to human kind.

We are born knowing how to love, and somehow those hypocrites make us forget through time, making us think love is toxic and not real.

We lose faith along the way in our decisions, we lose confidence, we stop knowing if what we know is true or not. And sometimes the simple truth is sitting there, without excuses, without any further explanation, this is toxicity, it had never been love, and never will be. It is just so smart to hide undercover.

We cannot change people, we cannot change who they are in their core, we can only be part of their life lessons and experiences, and it is up to us, to decide, what we allow ourselves to have, and what we choose to be in control of. Who we allow in our life, and who we choose to walk away from. Who we admit to showing us what love is, and who has added up to the wounds in our souls.

For all those who give love humbly, who accept our failures, who bring us up even when we are unable to push ourselves through, who accept our insecurites as wounds and try to help us heal with their love ,those who dont deny our pains and who hold our heart with empathy. Life is great because of you.

And for those who carry their egos on their sleeves, you think you love, but thats just your ego. We feel sorry for you, as you will miss out on all the good people in have no place here with us on our table.

For everyone reading out there, if you have been let down, it doesn’t mean you are blind, it doesn’t mean you should doubt yourself, it does not mean you don’t deserve to be cared for and appreciated. It simply means the wrong person came into your life, and it took time, situations, and behaviors, to realize it. And that is how we humans learn more about each other. Sometimes it takes only a moment, a month or a year, and sometimes it takes even 20 years until we reach the true core of someone. What truly matters, is what we do about it, and what we choose for ourselves after we realize this.

I have said so many goodbyes in my life, for people who have lied on big and small things. And I never regret, because when I go back I realize, these people took out the worst version of myself, the insecure, anxious and scared version, and never tried to understand it. Instead they always felt bothered and were a bit even aggressive about it.

While others with their empathy, showed me, how peaceful, blindly trusting, and forgiving I can be. Those who made me love myself a bit more everyday, because of how pure their love was and is..

Leaving you with a picture of southern Lebanon seaside which I Love💜💙

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