First, let me start by celebrating the peace and love shared during the holy month of Ramadan. It is truly beautiful to see so much devotion to giving throughout this month…

Moving on..

1. On Pain:

An easy thing to do, is hurt others. And what is easier, is justifying our actions with our own feelings “im hurt too”. Somehow, humans have justified a new sense of fairness that if someone is hurt, they hurt others and by that it is a simple equation of balance.

It’s not fair, and its not correct. In fact, its the wrongest thing we can do, and the weakest and ugliest of all.

Instead of admiting to our pains, we go around acting tough on others who seem to be “weaker” than us. It does not necessarily mean weaker, it could be just someone who we trust won’t leave us, and someone we take for granted.

2.On strength:

When we are hurt, we dont know how to share these feelings and reach out for help. We rather think that self torture is an act of strength when in fact its the opposite. True strength occurs when one admits to their weaknesses and pains.

3.On Ripple effect

I am a strong believer of the power of ripples. There is nothing stronger than micro levels. I am hurt, I hurt you, you hurt someone else,… I am hurt, I reach out to you, you help me, someone else helps you,etc…

Ripple effects are there in our society, everyday ,everywhere, it just needs attention from us, how do we want to impact something? Do I want to start a chain of pain, or do I want to start a chain of help and support.

People usually take this for granted, and endless justifications happen, “everyone else does it”, ” how can I change anything”, “I am just one person what effect would I have”…

There is only one answer to all that : the ocean is made up of endless tiny drops of water.

Today, I will stop with these simple thoughts, just to get you thinking, and to talk about more and more in future posts.

Leaving you with an image of Vltava River with all its possible ripples.


  1. Stella Reddy says:

    I totally agree… I made the conscious choice to be a good ripple… I was hurt but try not to hurt others as I was hurt. Break the cycle is my motto.

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    1. I am glad to find someone who shares the same with me 🙂 hope all these good actions come back to you throughout life

      Liked by 1 person

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