Life behind expectations

It has been a while since I wrote. Many thoughts, not enough inspiration to align them. This time though, it’s expectations…

How many times have u heard or said, “don’t expect from me”?

Expectations are thoughts we get according to certain given events, facts and actions around us.

Asking this, we ask human kind to be less of its human nature. What does it mean, dont expect. We live our life, based on expectations. We expect that we will live, and based on that mere thought, all our actions and plans are oriented. And we live on this hope of our expectations. We expect to study, work, buy a house, a car, to love, have friends, give and reciprocate love. Aren’t these all expectations?

Imagine life telling you, don’t expect. And you actually do it. Then what would we be doing to ourselves.

Almost everybody shares the same notion : “stop having expectations”. How applicable is that? And if you do it, how do you actually feel?

Expectations, to me, are equations of balance. I expect to eat healthy, and have good health, and if for some reason I don’t, disappointment would happen. Expectations are motivations we carry within our hearts and minds, that allow us to live each day despite the tiredness of the one before.

I think people say don’t expect, as simple excuses to not give back what should be given. Whatever the reasons are. If we manage expectations, we can better manage the balance of relationships. If we clarify what we want, what we need, what we are able to give, and what we are aiming towards, things become just easier.

So far, I have been told I have high expectations. I cannot though,point out what “high” actually means. How can a person measure them? As this is a completely subjective experience, describing someone elses expectations as high or low, would not be fair. Yes, indeed, if we manage to live without expectations, we will live in a null zone. We wont look forward, we wont feel, we wont hope, and deffinitely won’t be able to dream. And what is life, without a bit of these random human emotions that come along.

Expectations, would not be actually called expectations, if our intentions and desires were cleared, and if we actually gave back to the people around. They would simply be called outcomes.

From the randomness of my thoughts, I share with you the dawn moon in Prague.

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