Short Self Healing Memos-Personal Relationships

After a disappointment from any close person , a storm of hatred, disgust and a little of self blame passes.

The self talk:

Eventually, I know I will let go and forgive,because Im a good person, & it is the least of what I owe to myself ; inner peace. I also know I will not forget; (I actually should not even) ; those who failed the test, they could have passed but chose to fail on purpose. I did my best, and I gave everything and everyone my full, I am responsible of what I have given, and not of what they gave in return.

Remind yourself that it’s only you, who can set the boundaries, only you, who takes care of you, and you, who teaches others how to treat you and only you who should never betray YOU.

Freedom, is extremely underrated.

Image : the tender colors of Prague

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