Self Healing Memos- Sharing Love with Others

I started a new job last month. And one thing which I have to stop and appreciate, is the blessing of having a really nice colleague.

We dont go around finding nice coworker everywhere, who take us in, train us, give us all they can give.

To him, explaining the process was not enough, he made sure im practicing infront of him, made sure I see him working , made sure to explain every single detail that is there has been, and might be. Going all above and beyond, with full passion and dedication.

There will be more posts about this.

But I wanted to stop and reflect, how do we make sure, these good people, who care, know that they are unique, and their kind is “endangered”. How many times do we stop to make the good acts visible, say them out loud, and tell the person thank you for being who you are.

Look around, in your work place, neighborhood, building, family, friends, the regular shops you go to everyday, and make sure to share that one special something that you like about these good people. It is called soul mending. Do more of that. Do it more than complaining about all the wrong people and wrong acts. Tell those special people, all the beautiful things you see in them. Believe me, there will be a moment when they do the same to others, and a moment where someone does it to you.

Image: Sharing Prague nature.

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