Realizing milestones and Self Appreciation.

You know what is really hard to do? Realize your self worth. Love yourself. Care and protect yourself. These are some tough things.

The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing, the more I am eager to learn new things and the more scared I get that I wont have enough time to gain some life worthy wisdom.

I cannot say, that I fully know how I feel, it is still a bit confusing. But what I can say is that each day, is giving me more strength than the day before. It scares me a little bit. I have experienced inner strength before, and back then, it made me realize that I dont need anyone to enjoy life. It is rather a scary thought to realize that you are strong on your own. It is difficult to accept that we dont need anyone to live and that we dont require reassurance except from ourself.

One year ago , like today, everything was the exact opposite of what it is now. The people who were in my life were different. Who I thought was my friend vs who I thought was not, was different. My energy level was different, and my feelings towards myself and the world, were the exact opposite.

One year, everything changed. Was painful, was intense, was up and down, but I put much effort.

I put much effort into everything. Into seeking help, into medication , into part time jobs that support my mental well being, into tiny daily rituals, into gratitude, into therapy, into travel and into change.Into changing jobs, homes and thoughts. I put 120% energy and focus on becoming better. I am proud and grateful. 2 very strong words that did not exist last August.

I invite you now, to look back 1 year , and mark all the milestones you have done, over and over again. Not minding the result, just appreciating all the effort placed into something. The effort you put in your daily life, to overcome certain things, certain feelings, relationships, or even habits.

I was talking today with my friend, how really self talk, changes everything. How saying thank you to myself, and celebrating success in daily small routines or actions, giving credit and praise to myself on every action I do, has helped me love myself more, care for it, understand it and be able to support it when needed. Things which 1 year ago, I was unable to do.

Empathy to oneself, praise, and gratitude, are things you should practice more. It is not a myth, not a lie, it is a simple mental exercise, that one day makes your self love muscle a bit stronger.

And I wonder 1 more year from now, with all the possible pains and gains that might come, how much more things will change.

Leaving you with a picture of yesterday’s Prague busy life under the beautiful sunset.

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