Creating Change with Simple Actions..Prague behind new eyes.

Here I am again, starting to write one day, and then not being able to express. And that’s okay. Sometimes emotions and thoughts cannot be translated. But here I am today, trying to write again.

I was reading recently, on how to create change and motivation in your life. Some things included, taking new road to work, trying a new coffee shop, and meeting new people.

Yesterday, I did all three.

I met a new person, two new people actually. The first person, a content creator and film maker, and the other person was myself who was interacting as a completely new individual.

I was always used to taking vacations as bulk, to travel, or relax. This time, I took a day off on a Wednesday, because well, why not? I had walked the entire day, and for the first time, have seen the city in different pair of eyes. I saw the museum, for the first time in four years, which by the way had the most amazing set of precious stones.

As we were spontaneously walking, I saw how happy he was, how full of life, how open and ready. Coming from a very busy middle eastern city to a calm somehow planned city life, what I saw as boring, to him was “detoxifying” and I could feel the influence it had on his senses. He was trying to soak in every possible feeling of “Prague”.

And for the first time ever, I had the most brain feeding, soul nurturing, and thought reflecting conversation of all times. The amount of knowledge this person had, all the intersecting information, lets call wisdom, and the theories he had constructed out of that, was beautiful to listen to and was much enlightening.

To this I would add one of the many things I learned from him, knowledge is like having dots, and experience is what connects these dots together. And I could see how he managed to connect the dots he had , and create patterns of his own, that would later inflence my own thinking, and which caused me to reflect more on myself. You see, trying to gain wisdom of your own, eventually ends up in sharing it with others, and the truth you seek, will help someone have their own truth.

Why its important to meet new people, not just new people, special people, those who have suffered, and sculpted themselves, its all the learning you get from just a cup of coffee and a walk. At the end it felt, he had been here for years, and we picked up an old conversation.

During one day, during a nonstop walk, site seeing, and a brunch, I learned more things than I learned in few months. And I learned more of myself, that when placed with the right people, I had the right energy, positivity, and a great amount of openness.

And from this nice memory which I really wanted to write about, as it marked a lot of beautiful thoughts and talks, I ask you to reflect now on these things:

1-When was the last time you met a new interesting person, who knew not way more but way different from you? As different, is always more…

2-What “new thing” did you learn ?

3-Do you watch yourself how you shine around certain people?

4-When was last time you stopped working in the middle of the week with deadlines and high workload, and just took a trip to enjoy?

5-When was the last time you tried a new coffee shop, and a new path to your office.

If you haven’t tried these yet, then please start, because once you decide to do, believe me, you will have taken your brain and soul to a fun park like I did with mine.

I didn’t take much pictures, as I was busy talking ,listening, and being present. So Im leaving you with half a picture of what represents the beautiful patterns of Prague.

More to come when the topics align..

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