2022 Farewell💙💜🤍

2022 was one of the most uncomfortable years for me.

Thank you!

I chose to keep some people there and make them part of my past. Some people came into my life and added a nice new flavor , others were always there and will continue to be.

Thank you 2022 for all the painful strengthening changes you brought me.

And most importantly I thank myself, for not giving up on me and fighting for her.

2022 was a year of healing. And it is only the beginning to more beautiful and beautiful things.

As I look back, I find the so many things I’ve done, day after day, each choice I made, got me closer to becoming better and better everyday. All the traveling that the year started with, all the old friends I reunited with, the new people I met, the random unplanned adventures, my continuous blogging attempts, changing my job and place of living, therapy by all means, and striving to become a better version of myself everyday. The changes of perceptions, values and clarity I got.

A moment to reflect on all the decisions you made this year. On all the failures and achievements. On all the small daily steps taken to reach a year end with a full bucket.

Thanks to all the beautiful people who passed this year, all the beautiful memories and stories, all the fun and crazy moments, all the support and help I got. And thanks to all of you beautiful readers who give more meaning and value to my writings.

I hope 2023 will be a year of mercy, a year that will only bring more healing. Year after year these occasions bring more fear into our hearts, but hoping that the hurtful things remain in material objects and not in our loved ones.

To a year with more writings, more learnings and more things to share💜

Leaving you with an October’s sunset photo, to new roads and meaningful paths.

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