It’s all in the little things.

I came over the weekend to visit my family in Slovakia.or as it is called, Slovensko. I prefer to call things the way they are whenever possible rather than adapt things that should maintain their authenticity. I would add to that Im really happy we started calling Turkey Turkiye, as the locals call their homeland, and would probably suggest changing Georgia to its original Sakartvelo!

Little changes, big differences ha? Sakartvelo FEELS different to me than Georgia!

Anyways, I was in Slovensko. I have to say, again, it is home away from home. Somehow, it is funny how the subconscious works with regards to languages. I mostly think and feel in Arabic, but somehow when I hear slovak it brings me back to my parents too, as originally we speak what I would call Slovakanese ( a rare combination of slovak and lebanese phrases).

Therefore, big part of me realized that despite the fact that I feel homesick in Prague and the Czech language doesn’t much talk to my soul, somehow Slovak resonates more than I expected.

Moving on with my topic for Today, I want to emphasize on the tiny things. Those little details in between the big events, that for me, make up life and relationships.

I arrived, my Starka, had prepared for me my favorite chocolate pudding with biscuits and blackcurrant compot. A tradition held by us two ever since I was a child. She prepares it, I eat and love it. Every time, as if it were the first time I eat it.

My friend from home, sent me a recording from her car, with one song I was endlessly singing and joking about last summer.

My cousin saved me a hussle of catching a morning bus ride to the nearby city and instead offered to take me.

And someone noticed today, that I drank my espresso with milk.

And then also, offered me a ride home…

Apart from all the other beautiful things that have occured, I wanted to go back to one of my previous writings “how we love” and stress again on the point of “the little things” people do that actually compensate for much much more.

To me, these are the things that count, the moments when someone remembers you with a song, with a pudding, with a ride, or milk with your espresso, all things that they notice about you, without having to even mention it.

I have to say, I feel much blessed, that within this big big world , these tiny little things are somehow still clearly seen.

And now a question for you, when was the last time you did a “little thing” for someone? And when was the last time you noticed and appreciated a “little thing” someone did for you?

Leaving you with the effect of too many “little” snowflakes🩵

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