Welcome dear stranger to the inside of my Heart and Mind, hope you find enough comfort here…

I was born in Lebanon to a Lebanese-Slovak Family. After years of trying to understand who I am, and what is my true identity, I am now in need to share my experience with you world. It was a tough journey but I am where I am now, another Lebanese living in Europe. With this, come many struggles, especially at this point in time, everything seems to be just yet another unpleasant experience.

I hope, with this blog, I can introduce my little Purple Land, Lebanon, to you outside world, in the way that I see it, and maybe in tiny fraction of a way, I might help someone with something, and most importantly, help myself regain the joy of existing outside of this land and  start writing about things I love.

What Purple Arze Means?

I just wanted a name that connects me to home. So I took the best things I love from our Land’s Heritage.

The color Purple, as called Tyrian purple was derived from Lebanon’s Southern city Tyre- or as we call it Sour, from the Murex sea snail. and thus call me crazy but I personally think our flag should have had purple instead of red :O

Arze , in Arabic, meaning the Cedar tree ,is our natural gem.  Lebanon’s Cedars which were mentioned in the Bible, still survive in our lovely mountain areas. This tree symbolizes to me , immortality, the history and the future, when I think how ancient souls managed to see the same trees I can see ,it is just wonderful endurance.

With the last word, endurance, my story telling begins…

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